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The UL 60950-1 standard...comes standard.

Anywhere Cart Charging Carts are UL Listed to the UL 60950-1 standard. This independent testing standard ensures safety and stability. UL standardization tests for multiple factors and is intended to reduce the risk of injury or damage. The UL seal is your assurance that your product has been fully tested.


The Anywhere Cart Intelli-Sense Smart Charging System is designed to charge your devices more efficiently. Automatically, it detects which devices need charging first, then balances its efforts to ensure each of them reaches 100% charge. Standard on the AC-PLUS-T, AC-SLIM, AC-PRO-II, AC-MAX, AC-45 and AC-MANAGE Charging Carts.


Tired of cables coming loose or being pulled out by students? We heard stories around the country about the frustrations of having to re-install cables and manage charging carts around schools. Now, our best-in-class Cable Management System has become another reason why over 4,000 districts across the country have standardized on Anywhere Cart.
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