PLEASE make sure to share this information with ANYONE responsible for receiving Anywhere Cart shipments.

Do Not Refuse unless you have inspected and verified damage.

Perfect Box = SIGN Delivery Receipt

Damaged Box = OPEN While Driver Is Present

• Square Corners
• No Indentations
• Not Punctured
• No Scuffs
• Not Torn
• Crushed Corners
• Indentations
• Punctures
• Scuffs
• Torn
  1. Inspect all sides & top of each box in your shipment to ensure they are in good shape.
  2. If you find a box that shows signs of wear or damaged, immediately open that box WHILE THE DRIVER IS PRESENT and inspect product for any damage.
      • If product is NOT damaged, note condition of box on delivery receipt and receive shipment.
      • If product is damaged, refuse item and make a note on the delivery receipt.
        • NOTE: You MUST open the box and inspect the cart BEFORE refusing delivery.

If you do not inspect at delivery and discover any concealed damage, YOU ONLY HAVE 5 DAYS FROM DATE OF DELIVERY to notify us of the concealed damage. If you discover any damages, immediately file a freight damage claim here.